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    Overview :
    Islamic studies is a system that works best when all parts are connected and networked together.
    It is like a human face that unless each part is placed in its due position the beauty is not seen. Therefore, eHawza recommends systematic studies through our Diploma and Bachelor courses.
    However, for the convenience of students who wish to broaden their Islamic knowledge on specific areas without any prerequisite requirements we offer the following online single courses.
    All courses are available in audio format.

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    Courses Detail:
    Course Name Code Sessions Fee (AUD)
    Introduction to Islamic Studies 01SCD 10 Free
    Biography of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s) 02SCD 16 Free
    Reading Qur’an For Beginners 03SCD 8 Free
    Practical Irfan (Stage 1) 04SCD 24 A$ 85
    Roots of Shi’a-Sunni Differences 05SCD 12 A$ 40
    Formal Logic 06SCD 8 A$ 40
    Transcendental Philosophy 07SCD 12 A$ 85
    Divine Leadership in the Qur’an 08SCD 12 A$ 45
    Pathology of Divorce 09SCB 10 A$ 55
    Tafsir Nahjul-Balagha 10SCB 40 A$ 80
    Arabic Grammar I (Morphology) 11SCB 26 A$ 155 Price includes the textbook (Mabade’ul-Arabiya vol.2) excluding postage and handling costs.
    Arabic Grammar II (Syntax) 12SCB 19 A$ 115
    Social Rules in Islam 13SCB 38 A$ 75
    Practical Irfan (Stage 5) 14SCB 30 A$ 75
    Tafsir Du’a Kumayl 15SCB 50 A$ 110
    Family Skills Training 16CB 7 A$ 70    Read More…
    Interpretation of the Qur’an, Surah 2, Ayah 1-255 17SCB 353 A$ 320
    Religious Pluralism 18SCB 6 A$ 35

    Fee :
    All fees are in Australian currency