• BA in Islamic Studies (Major in Tafsir & Analytical Fiqh)

    3 Years Full Time

    Overview :
    The Bachelor in Islamic studies provides students with knowledge and analysis of the most original Islamic sources: i.e. the Holy Qur’an and Ahadith. During this degree over 1200 verses of the Qur’an and hundreds of Prophetic narrations which cover the entire Islamic jurisprudence and laws related to day-to-day Muslim life will be analyzed. Although the teaching language is English the texts of many courses are in Arabic. eHawza maintains the teachings of the mainstream Shi’a scholars and is not affiliated to or funded by any government.

    Admission criteria :
    It is important that Bachelor students have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of Islam which are all taught in our Diploma. Students who have completed the eHawza Diploma have gained sufficient credit into the Bachelor of Islamic Studies. Other interested candidates require to sit for an entrance examination. This quantitative measure is necessary to evaluate their skills and knowledge for B.A. The entrance exam will prepare you academically and linguistically for the invigorating challenge that awaits you during your B.A. studies. Note that much of the textbooks in the B.A. are in Arabic. Thus, besides English, you need to have a good command of the Arabic language. Students who seriously struggle with the language barrier, they are less likely to succeed.
    Most of the questions in the B.A. entrance exam are from our Diploma. Thus, before you sit for the exam it is wise to skim through the eHawza Diploma list. Please note that even if you have studied in one of the traditional Hawzas for several years it does not warrant you have a good grasp of eHawza Diploma. eHawza recommends you do not apply for B.A. before completion of our Diploma.
    However, if you are certain you are ready to sit for our B.A. entrance exam you can apply. The admin will process your application and will provide you with a date, username and password. The exam is online and consists of 50 MC (multiple choice) questions (10 of each are Arabic grammar questions) and 5 SA (short answers). You need a minimum of 60% from each section for the admission process. Should you fail the exam you may apply again after three months. B.A. application is available only to the graduates of eHawza Diploma or those who successfully passed the entrance examination.

    Apply For Entrance Exam

    Structure :
    BA consists of 6 semesters. Students should take 10 units per semester consisting of at least 5 compulsory modules.

    Semester 1 :
    Module Code Unit value Sessions
    1- Introduction to Analytical Fiqh TB0101 0.5 6
    2- Book of Taharah I TB0102 2 40
    3- Tafsirul-Qur’an I TB0103 2 40
    4- Tafsirul-Qur’an TB0104 3 65
    5- Nahjul-Balagha TB0105 2 40
    6- Presentation  ———— 1.5 10

    Semester 2 :
    Module Code Unit value Sessions
    1- Book of Taharah II TB0201 2 49
    2- Book of Salaat TB0202 2 49
    3- Tafsirul-Qur’an III TB0203 2 35
    4- Tafsirul-Qur’an IV TB0204 3 54
    5- Social Rules in Islam TB0205 2 38
    6- Presentation  ———— 1 10

    Semester 3 :
    Module Code Unit value Sessions
    1- Book of Fasting TB0301 1 9
    2- Book of Zakat & Khoms TB0302 1 12
    3- Book of Haj TB0303 2 33
    4- Tafsirul-Qur’an V TB0304 2 48
    5- Tafsirul-Qur’an VI TB0305 1.5 20
    6- Tafsirul-Qur’an VII TB0306 2.5 62
    7- Practical Irfan I TB0307 2 30

    Semester 4 :
    Module Code Unit value Sessions
    1- Pathology of Divorce TB0401 1 10
    2- Book of Transaction TB0402 2 42
    3- Book of Marriage TB0403 2 24
    4- Tafsirul-Qur’an VIII TB0404 3 88
    5- Practical Irfan II TB0405 2 26
    6- Presentation  ———— 1 10

    Semester 5 :
    Module Code Unit value Sessions
    1- Book of Divorce TB0501 2 43
    2- Other Unilateral Contracts TB0502 1 23
    3- Tafsirul-Qur’an IX TB0503 3 84
    4- Journey to the Unseen World I TB0504 2 32
    5- Practical Irfan III TB0505 2 30
    6- Presentation  ———— 1 10

    Semester 6 :
    Module Code Unit value Sessions
    1- Judgment to Inheritance TB0601 2 38
    2- Tafsirul-Qur’an X TB0602 4 100
    3- Tafsir of Difficult Ayaat TB0603 2 16
    4- Mabadi Naqdul-Hadith TB0604 2 30
    5- Coming up soon…  ———— 2  ————

    Thesis: Students who complete the six semesters and wish to obtain their BA are required to submit a thesis of approximately 10,000 words.

    Abilities :
    Following the traditional Hawza standard, the eHawza BA graduates meet the educational requirements to wear the turban if they so wish and serve their communities as a junior Imam in leading prayers, delivering lectures and classes and answering religious questions.

    Fees :
    Fee for eHawza BA is A$400.00 per semester or A$2400.00 if paid in total.