Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. My Internet is very slow in my area and I was wondering if eHawza is available on Hard Drive?

    eHawza is only available online as we regularly update the modules.

    2. Can we download the lectures and notes?

    The lectures are copyrighted materials. However, the lecture notes are downloadable for eHawza students only.

    3. Is eHawza accredited or affiliated with any university?

    eHawza is a private and an independent Islamic college and is not affiliated and hence not accredited by any university. However, our main lecturer; Sh. Mansour Leghaei is a well-qualified scholar who is accredited by some of our renown Maraje’h such as the late Ayatullah Golpayegani, the late Ayatullah Jawad Tabrizi, Ayatullah Naser Makarim Shirazi and Ayatullah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. The eHawza presents the teachings of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s) according to the understanding of the mainstream Shi’a scholars.

    4. How do the exams work?

    Upon completing each course you should inform eHawza Admin that you are ready to sit for the exam. All arrangements will be made. Most examinations are in Multiple Choice format with occasional written answers required. Some courses require assignments to be completed and submitted before the examination as they are part of your examination marks.

    5. If I want to stop my studies at any time, can I do so?

    Ceasing to continue your eHawza education altogether is your personal preference although no refunds are available for the Seminsters you have access. However, taking a break within your allowed time frame. If you require a break that exceeds your limited time frame you should discuss it with our Admin.

    6. When I finish my studies, what am I entitled to be? Sheikh, Islamic teacher etc.

    Graduates of our Diploma Course are entitled to be Islamic Studies Teachers in Schools. A graduate of our B.A. is qualified to serve as a resident ‘Alim commencing with a two-year provisional license. Traditionally Hawza students who finish ‘Sharh Lum’ah’ or its equivalence are qualified to wear a turban if they so wish. The graduates of eHawza B.A. have fulfilled this requirement and hence are qualified to wear a turban.

    7. Do I need to complete the eHawza diploma to begin the Bachelor?

    Yes. you surely do.  However, candidates for our Bachelor who have not completed our Diploma Course are required to sit for an entery examination.

    8. Can I change from full time to part time study or vice versa?

    Yes it is possible.  You will need to contact our Admin or organise arrangements.

    9. Is the Bachelor up and running?

    The Bachelor is currently running inhouse and Inshallah will be available online soon.

    10. Do I have to go online, or if I wish to enrol and use a hard drive instead ,is that option still available?

    eHawza Diploma is available online only for all new applicants, however, should your circumstances limit online study (conditions apply) then you can communicate with our Admin to discuss the possible Hard Drive option. 

    11. What If I start the first semester & change my mind and do not wish to continue my studies any further,can I change my mind?

    Taking up and committing to Islamic Studies in itself is a big step.  eHawza recommends people to initially do our free online crash courses to be able to help you make your decision.  As per Question 5 it is your preference to cease your studies but no refunds are applicable. 

    12. How many hours per week am I looking at to complete the course in 36 months?

    Part-time study enables you to a total maximum of 36 months therefore you will need to work out how much time you can divide your weeks into.  eHawza ideally recommends 5 hours per week for Semesters 1 and 2.  An increase in hours is recommended for Semesters 3 and 4 as they will require more study time due to being more in-depth and challenging.

    13. If I have previously done certain Islamic studies, can I get an exemption?

    As long as you pass the examination of any course you will be exempt from sitting for that course as well as paying for the course.  However, a minimum fee for administration and the examination is applicable. eHawza wishes to recommend all students to do all the modules as most of them are unique in their styles.

    14. Will I receive any text books?

    All the Diploma material will be provided to you online.

    15. Do I need to have a good knowledge of Arabic to pursue this course?

    Having any knowledge of Arabic is a plus although eHawza Diploma is designed to cater for students with absolutely no Arabic background or knowledge.  Within the Diploma you will learn Quranic Arabic as well as sufficient Arabic Grammar. We must, however, note that students with no Arabic background may still need a private tutor to pass eHawza Arabic grammar courses.