Islamic Upcoming Events

  • Islamic Upcoming Events :

    Islamic Day (Date)Actual DayProgram DateEventTime
    1st SafarTues 25th Nov
    20th SafarSun 14th DecSat 13th DecLecture & majlis commemorating 40th Day of the tradegy of Karbala8.25 PM
    28th SafarMon 22nd DecSun 21st DecLecture & majlis commemorating the demise of the Prophet (PBUH) & Imam Hassan (as)8.30 PM
    29th SafarTues 23rd DecTues 23rd DecMajlis for the martyrdom of Imam Ali Al Redha (as)8.30 PM
    1st Rabiul AwwalWed 24th Dec
    8th Rabiul AwwalWed 31st DecTues 30th DecMartydom of Imam Hasan Al Askari8.33 PM
    9th Rabiul AwwalThurs 1st JanFrid 2nd JanCelebration of Welayat of Imam Mahdi (atf)8.33 PM
    17th Rabiul AwwalFri 9th JanFri 9th JanBirth of Prophet (PBUH) & Imam Al Sadiq (as)8.33 PM
    1st Rabi’ThaniFri 23rd Jan
    8th Rabi’ThaniFri 30th JanFri 30th JanBirth of Imam Hassan Al Askari (as)8.24 PM
    10th Rabi’ThaniSun 1st FebSat 31st JanDeath of Hadrat Ma’sooma in Qum (as)8.24 PM
    1st Jamadil AwwalSat 21st Feb
    5th Jamadil AwwalWed 25th FebFri 27th FebBirth of Hadrat Zainab (as)7.54 PM
    13th Jamadil AwwalThurs 5th MarFri 6th MarShahdat of Hadrat Fatima Zahra (as)7.47 PM
    1st Jamadil ThaniSun 22nd Mar
    3rd Jamadil ThaniTues 24th MarTues 24th MarShahadat of Hadrat Fatima Zahra (as) according to another narration7.21 PM
    20th Jamadil ThaniFri 10th AprilFri 10th AprilBirth of Hadrat Fatima Zahra (as) & International Womens Day!7.30 PM

    All dates subject to confirmed moonsighting. Islamic dresscode is required at all events at Imam Husain Islamic Centre.
    Every Tuesday evening – Dua Tawwasul; Every Thursday evening – Dua Kumayl; Every Friday afternoon Salatul Jumah; Friday night: lecture & youth sessions (unless specified); Every Saturday – Imam Husain School (check school term); Every Saturday evening – Dua Sardaab.
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