Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy :

    EHAWZA collects personal information from you that is necessary for it to perform its functions, personal information including but not limited to:
    Your details;
    Account name and account number held by financial institutions from which payments
    for services provided to you are made;
    Details of your transactions;
    Records of communications between you and EHAWZA;
    Information obtained as a result of credit checks which you have authorised;
    Billing information; and
    Any other information which EHAWZA at its discretion may require from time to time.
    2. By entering in to this agreement the student authorises EHAWZA to cease continuation of online access to your Course and Examinations if agreed payments have not been kept up to date and until payment commitments are met.
    3. The student acknowledges and agrees that notwithstanding that EHAWZA will undertake their best endeavour to protect the privacy of the student subject to this and any other written agreements that may be in place between the student and EHAWZA.
    4. The student authorises EHAWZA and any party that it may from time to time nominate to contact the student by electronic mail regarding anything to do with this agreement, the services being or proposed to be provided, or any other services which EHAWZA may wish to offer or any other communication which it may at its discretion wish to make.
    Student may arrange to access their personal information by contacting EHAWZA on