Islamic studies is a system that works best when all parts are connected and networked together. It is like a human face that unless each part is placed in its due position the beauty is not seen. Therefore, eHawza recommends systematic studies through our Diploma and Bachelor courses. However, for the convenience of students who wish to broaden their Islamic knowledge on specific areas without any prerequisite requirements we offer the following online single courses. Most courses are available in audio format.

Biography of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s)

  • Code: 01SCD
  • 16 Sessions

Reading Qur’an For Beginners

  • Code: 02SCD
  • 8 Sessions

Introduction to Islamic Studies

  • Code: 03SCD
  • 10 Sessions

Practical Irfan (Stage 1)

  • Code: 04SCD
  • 24 Sessions

Roots of Shi’a-Sunni Differences

  • Code: 05SCD
  • 12 Sessions

Formal Logic

  • Code: 06SCD
  • 8 Sessions

Transcendental Philosophy

  • Code: 07SCD
  • 12 Sessions

Divine Leadership in the Qur’an

  • Code: 08SCD
  • 12 Sessions

Pathology of Divorce

  • Code: 09SCB
  • 10 Sessions

Tafsir Nahjul-Balagha

  • Code: 10SCB
  • 40 Sessions

Arabic Grammar I (Morphology)

  • Code: 11SCB
  • 26 Sessions

Arabic Grammar II (Syntax)

  • Code: 01SCD
  • 19 Sessions

Social Rules in Islam

  • Code: 13SCB
  • 38 Sessions

Practical Irfan (Stage 5)

  • Code: 14SCB
  • 30 Sessions

Tafsir Du’a Kumayl

  • Code: 15SCB
  • 50 Sessions

Family Skills Training

  • Code: 16SCB
  • 7 Sessions

Overview : Utilizing over two decades of experience in family counselling coupled with his Islamic knowledge and psychology, Sh. Mansour aims in this crash course at addressing the most common challenges young couples face with Islamic recommendations as to how we can develop our family skills. The course is conducted in seven sessions and the main topics covered include but not limited to:
1) Misconceptions about marital relationships
2) Communication Skills
3) Balancing work and family
4) Men’s marital issues and challenges: Exclusively for married men audiences
5) Women’s marital issues and challenges: exclusively for married women audiences
6) The bedrock of –child-rearing
7) An Islamic child-rearing manual
8) Where does faith fit in?
To enhance the training process the course is presented by various multimedia presentations such as short film clips, podcast of a lecture and playing live scenarios, in addition to power points to share all the references quoted during the course. We strongly recommend this course to young couples and parents. This course is also a best wedding gift to your newlywed friends, family members and new mums & dads. It is also a very useful resource for social workers and counsellors.


Interpretation of the Qur’an, Surah 2, Ayah 1-255

  • Code: 17SCB
  • 353 Sessions

Religious Pluralism

  • Code: 18SCB
  • 6 Sessions